Our Furry Family

Supporting no-kill animal shelters is something I’ve been passionate about for a while. I often like to joke that when Alan and I first started dating, I came with a lot of baggage. And while it’s true that I was poor, jobless, and nursing a bruised ego after having to move home from D.C. when the government shut down and my fragile career in the field of international development disappeared as quickly as my life savings did while paying rent without a job, what I really meant was that I came with cats. Two, to be exact: Sammie and Penny.

I adopted Sammie in college when a friend of mine informed me that his owner could no longer keep him and he was destined for an animal shelter. For almost two years, it was just the two of us in my tiny, garage apartment next to campus. He bit everyone (including me) and seemed to enjoy nothing more than parkouring off my back whenever I bent over to pick up something.

Obviously exhausted from biting everyone

I ended up with Penny much the same way during the summer after my senior year of college – a friend of mine informed me that she was taking care of a litter of kittens and was able to find a home for all except Penny, who would have to be sent to a shelter or released on the street. At first I was unsure if Sammie would appreciate having another cat in the house (given his glee in inflicting pain on strangers), but I ultimately decided to adopt Penny, as well.

The night I brought Penny home and introduced her to Sammie

Ronald ended up as part of our family two summers ago when  Alan and I found him, as a small kitten, crying in the bushes of our backyard right before a big storm. After spending several weeks of unsuccessfully trying to find him a family, it became apparent that he had become part of ours.

The night we found Ron

At the risk of causing Alan to leave me, we can no longer adopt any more cats (although that hasn’t stopped my friends from occasionally trying to convince me to do so). Instead, I’ve started donating to my favorite, no-kill shelters in town, such as Port City Cat Rescue and the Humane Society of Northwest LA. Both are great organizations with dedicated individuals who genuinely care about the animals they rescue. Likewise, when you purchase this expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity (one of my favorite card games), 100% of the profits goes towards rescuing homeless and sick cats in Southern California.

The perfect birthday gift from my sister-in-law

Whatever organizations you like to support, I encourage you to keep donating. Every little bit helps!


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