Nude Nails

I have a pretty extensive collection of nail polish with variations of almost every color on the spectrum. And while I enjoy the deep colors of fall and the metallics of New Year’s, nude colors are probably my favorite go-to for an at home manicure. Not only do they pair well with any outfit, they provide a great contrast against any dark clothing.

Before painting my nails, I always apply a basecoat, like this one from Butter London, which prevents any polish from staining my nails and helps the polish to go on evenly.


Next, I apply two coats of polish, such as OPI’s My Vampire is Buff. For the first coat, I only apply a thin layer of paint, making sure to avoid air bubbles in the polish. I then wait two minutes before applying the second layer. When using light colors, the second layer is important, as it displays the true color of the polish.


Lastly, I apply a topcoat to help extend the life of my manicure and prevent chipping.


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