My Education in Coffee


I started drinking coffee in middle school. Each weekend, I would wake up, wander down the hallway, and find my parents discussing the morning news over their cups of coffee. To my 12 year-old self, nothing seemed more sophisticated, and I relished the mornings when my mom would fix me my own mug (which was mostly cream and sugar) and allow me to join their conversation about current events.

I have carried my love for coffee into adulthood, and with that affinity has come appreciation for quality. When it comes to my go-to cup of coffee, Alan and I exclusively buy from Noble Coyote, a local roastery out of Dallas. Not only do they provide personalized, quick service, all of the beans they purchase are direct or fair trade and have been grown using sustainable methods.

This past weekend, Alan and I had the opportunity to attend a cupping session at the Noble Coyote storefront. Hosted by the owners, Marta and Kevin, the cupping session included background information about each of the beans being tested that day, including the stories of the local farms and co-ops from which they were purchased. One of the things I loved about this experience was the obvious passion Marta and Kevin have for ensuring that the product they sell positively influences the lives and communities of the individuals who produce it.

While I may need to attend a few more cupping sessions to adequately hone my palate, I now have a deeper appreciation for the process behind my morning cup of coffee.




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