Collagen Lip Masks


As Awards season comes to a close, one of my favorite things to do is go back and read about the beauty tips and tricks used by celebrities in preparation of walking down the red carpet. While most of the techniques I read about are too involved to actually incorporate into my daily routine, there are a few that I always find worth trying.

I learned about collagen lip masks back in January while scrolling through instagram. I came across a photo of Emma Stone getting ready for the Golden Globes and I HAD to know more about what she was wearing.


Then, after my favorite blog featured collagen lip masks in a post, I decided I needed to try them for myself. After reading reviews on the results from several different brands, I decided to go with these ones by MLMSY mainly because they were cheap, so if they ended up being a total flop, I wouldn’t be completely heart broken.

I tried out the mask on myself while getting ready for a date night with Alan. It was an easy, quick addition to my beauty regime and made the evening feel that much more special. To use, you simply peel it off its plastic sheet and apply to your lips for 15-20 minutes. (I  would recommend applying the mask before putting on any concealer, as the edges extend beyond your lips.)  While I didn’t see a huge difference in my lips after removing the mask, they were noticeably smoother and slightly plumper. Plus, the fun I had while using it has ensured that I will continue to use them in the future when getting ready for special events.


It’s impossible to take a flattering picture while wearing these

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