Easy Appetizer

A few weeks ago, Alan and I had my parents over for dinner. As is common, I severely miscalculated the time it would actually take me to prep and prepare dinner, so by the time I put the main dish in the oven to cook for the next hour, my parents were already on their way over to our house. Luckily, earlier that day I was in the mood for a fresh snack, so I had chopped some tomatoes and basil to prepare a small plate of bruschetta. I used this recipe from Simply Recipes, which makes enough for 6-10 people, so I had plenty left over in the fridge. I quickly toasted a few more slices of french bread, artfully arranged them on a decorative plate, and topped them with my marinated tomatoes and basil. I finished by sprinkling each slice with shredded parmesan. The result was an easy, quick appetizer that paired well with pre-dinner cocktails and ensured that no one became too ravenous while we waited for dinner to finish.


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