Fresh Flowers

Ron sniffing around my fresh flowers

I love having fresh flowers around the house, no matter what time of year it is. There’s something about the slight pop of color and added greenery that makes a room feel cozier and more inviting. And, since we’re currently planning a wedding and European honeymoon, fresh florals are one of the last discretionary expenses I’ll allow myself, which makes them feel all the more indulgent.

When it comes to purchasing fresh flowers, I like to go with ones that are in season, as they tend to look healthier and are usually cheaper. Likewise, I normally skip over the pre-built bouquets and opt to build my own (although sometimes I can’t resist a beautiful bouquet). Buying a variety of flowers and green stems not only helps my purchase to stretch further around the house, it allows me to build bouquets to match the size of the vases I’m using, which gives the arrangements a more professional look and helps prevent bacteria buildup due to things being packed too tightly. To keep my flowers fresh for as long as possible, I often put a crushed up aspirin or a tablespoon of sugar in the water before I add my flowers and change the water every one – two days.

I like to place several bouquets throughout the house in a variety of high traffic areas, like the kitchen, our bedroom, and our spare bathroom. This ensures that they’ll be enjoyed not only by us, but by any guests we have to the house, as well.




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