The Most Refreshing Margarita


As spring makes itself known in Louisiana, one of my favorite weekend activities is sitting on a patio, enjoying a margarita on the rocks. The enjoyment I get from this is almost sentimental, as Alan and I spent our first few months of dating getting to know each other over margaritas and fresh oysters on Sunday evenings at our favorite oyster bar in town.

Several months ago, we took a weekend trip to Austin, TX, and, as the weather in the evenings was cool but still warm, we inadvertently found ourselves sitting on a patio at the end of each day, enjoying margaritas while we recounted our favorite experiences from the afternoon.

One evening we ended up at Curra’s Grill, a local spot recommended to us by a friend who used to live in Austin. Curra’s is known for its avocado margarita, so, breaking with tradition of ordering our usual margaritas on the rocks, we opted to try it. To say that our margaritas were delicious is an understatement. Immediately, we both began searching for the recipe online so we could recreate it when we got home. Luckily, we weren’t the only people who had that idea, as we quickly came upon this recipe on Bon Appétit’s website. It has since become a staple cocktail in our house and one that never fails to impress dinner guests.



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