Binge-Worthy Shows

I’m normally the worst when it comes to sitting still & watching TV. While I enjoy having some kind of background noise when I’m working, cleaning, or cooking, I often opt for music or a podcast (my go-to favorites being This American Life or Pod Save America). However, whenever the weather in Louisiana begins to transition from enjoyably warm to unbearably hot and humid, I always find myself clocking in more hours on the television as a means to escape the heat. Thus, with summer (and my impending indoor hibernation) quickly approaching, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite shows to binge watch.


1. Game of Thrones:  At this point, I’ve watched every season of Game of Thrones at least three times. Between the books and the show, it’s become the adult version of the Harry Potter obsession I had growing up. Although the storyline gets pretty intricate (there are a lot of characters and parallel events in both the show and the books), it’s definitely one I recommend to anyone looking for a new show to watch (even if you’re somehow not into mythology, dragons, zombies, love stories, war strategies, family dynamics, and political intrigue).


2. Big Little LiesI watched the entire first (and so far, only) season of this show over the course of a week (and that was only because I purposefully paced myself). I came upon this show accidentally, initially deciding to watch because Alexander Skarsgård and Adam Scott are main characters (I had watched the previews earlier and wasn’t that interested by what I thought would be a Real Housewives-esque murder mystery story). However, from the beginning of the first episode, I was surprised by the intricate plot and character development – something I obviously wasn’t expecting. Having not previously read the novel by Liane Moriarty on which the show was based, I had no idea about the twists the story would take, which made my viewing experience that much more enjoyable.


3. GirlsI’ve had a love-hate relationship with this show since I first began watching it (on a two-season binge during Xfinity’s Watchathon Week) in 2013. I think it was because it was touted as a real-life depiction of the “twenty-something’s version of Sex and the City,” something I took offense to when I watched it (in my early twenties while living in a big city away from home) and discovered that all the characters were selfish, whiny, flaky, and infuriatingly self-absorbed. However, the entire show was like a trainwreck that I couldn’t look away from, and I continued to binge/cringe through each new season over the last few years until the final season, which concluded this past Sunday.  Unlike with past seasons, I found myself cringing less during my binge, as the characters, while still horribly flawed (aren’t we all, though?), developed into real people with whom I could relate and sometimes empathize.


4. OutlanderOutlander is one of my newest binge shows. I’ve only watched the first two episodes of the first season, but I’m already hooked. The combination of historical fiction mixed with time travel and a love triangle ensures that it will be my new summer binge series. (It also doesn’t hurt that the show is based off a book series, so, like Game of Thrones, I can fully delve into the plot and character development.)


5. SherlockAlan and I are a little late to the game when it comes to Sherlock, as we only started watching it last week. However, it has quickly become a favorite for both of us. For a binge show, it’s a big commitment, with each episode being 90 minutes or longer, so we’ve only been watching one episode per night. However, as each season is only 3-4 episodes long, it’s not hard to get through the entire series in only a few days’ time.


6. How I Met Your MotherI can’t write about my favorite binge-worthy shows without writing about How I Met Your Mother. I started binge watching this show back in college (when instant Netflix wasn’t a thing and I had to go to Best Buy to purchase a new season as soon as I finished the one I was watching), and over the years it became somewhat of a security blanket for me. At this point, I’ve probably watched every season upwards of five times each, and I often find myself relating real-life events to scenes from this series. If you happen to be in your early twenties and uncertain of every life decision you’re making (as I was when I first started watching), I definitely recommend this show if for nothing more than to provide a good laugh and remind you how valuable true friendships are.



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