Building a Wedding Registry

When it comes to building a wedding registry, the task can prove to be a little more difficult than one might initially think. It’s not that I don’t enjoy browsing the endless amount of items at kitchen and home furnishings stores (I really do); the hard part comes from knowing where to start. Before moving in together, Alan and I had both lived on our own for several years, so we already had a lot of stuff. Similarly, since we’ve both had full-time jobs for a while now, we’ve been able to upgrade some of our more basic items purchased during our college years to higher quality models. So, when we sat down a few weeks ago to start brainstorming a registry list, we realized we only had a few things we actually felt like we needed or wanted.

Although we were offered lots of suggestions of what to put on our registry, we wanted to make sure we only asked for items that we needed and would actually use. To do so, we started by making a preliminary list of items we wanted to register for based on each room in our house. This not only prevented us from feeling overwhelmed later on during the decision-making process, but it also ensured that we didn’t end up putting random items on our registry because they looked appealing in the store.

After we had our list, we decided which stores we wanted to build a registry with. While there are obviously lots of options, we wanted to make sure we created registries with stores that would be convenient for our guests to access and that provide a wide range of items and prices. Because of this, we decided to build our registries with Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma, as each company has hundreds of store locations and very user-friendly online registry sections, making it easy for our guests to find and purchase gifts. We also created a registry with Honeyfund, a site that provides our guests with the option to put money towards specific experiences for our honeymoon, such as a nice dinner or a guided tour, as their gift.

I’ve included some example items from our registries below:

While there are lots of registry checklists out there, the most important thing is to make sure that you build your registry based on your personal needs and lifestyle. If you don’t feel like you’re ever going to use fine China, then don’t register for it. If you want to ask guests to make donations to your favorite charity in lieu of purchasing a gift, ask them. Your wedding and the events surrounding it should be fun, so do what is best and most enjoyable for you and your soon-to-be spouse.


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