DIY Raised Planter

Alan and I have kept a small vegetable and herb garden in our backyard for the last three years. While it’s never been anything impressive or extensive, it’s been fun trying out different plants and learning how to be more effective gardeners. When we bought our first plants a few years ago, we planted them in large pots, since we didn’t really have a specific space carved out for them in our yard. After doing some research though, we decided that a raised planter would work best in the space that we have and look more aesthetically pleasing, so we started looking at different styles. We spent a few weeks comparing different sizes and prices before we came to a realization: this was probably something we could build ourselves.

Although I can’t claim any credit for this project (other than occasionally saying, “I bet you could build something like that,” to Alan), the planning and assembly process was very simple (the steps we followed were similar to these), and we were able to find all supplies for a fairly cheap price at Home Depot. If you don’t already own a circular saw, most hardware stores or lumber departments will cut your pieces of wood for you.







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